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Renewed french CIR certificate

Renewed french CIR certificate

(11. 5. 2015)

Pharmnet has succesfully extended its french CIR status offering to our french partners to benefit from tax credit for R&D activities.

On 16 March 2015 Pharmnet was granted a tax credit- CIR (crédit impôt recherche) status for years 2015-17 by the french Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The research tax credit is a corporate tax relief measure based on R&D expenses incurred by firms operating in France. This incentive helps to support companies’ R&D efforts and increase their competitiveness. This tax credit covers 30% of all R&D expenses up to €100 million, and 5% above this threshold. Salaries for research staff are wholly integrated, plus 50% of R&D operating costs and 75% of investments in R&D operations.

To learn more about how to benefit from the tax credit as a french company when cooperating with us visit:

To learn more about our services and how we can support you in your R&D projects and benefit from the tax credit get in touch with us .





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