Pharmnet staff have gained a unique experience over past two decades from over 200 clinical trials across various therapeutic areas including (but not limited to) gastroenterology, oncology, psychiatry, gynaecology, neurology, transplantation medicine, proctology, cardiology, respiratory diseases, rheumatology, osteoporosis, metabolic diseases, immunology and vaccination.

We participated in over 15 pediatric trials dealing different therapeutic areas (oncology, cardiovascular, neurology, vaccination). 

Our presence across more than 2000 sites within the EU offers you a reliable base, and can be quickly activated for newly emerging trials.

Outstanding cumulative experience is based on the increasing number of projects ran year by year over the two decades of the company history (graph shows the number of the active trials within the corresponding year).

PHARMNET CTs 1996-2012 Number of active CTsWe provided data management and statistic services for over 56 projects in past years.

In addition, our Medical Writers have experience within dozens of projects, a broad experience with the development of the study protocols, preparation of the presentations and papers for the impacted journals, pharmacoeconomic surveys and Clinical Study Reports. 

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